Sydney's new stadiums and unicorns.

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Sydney's new stadiums and unicorns.

Postby Timbo » Fri Mar 30, 2018 1:55 pm

Been a while since I posted on here!

So the New South Wales government has backed down on its plans to re-build Stadium Oz and the SFS, with the SFS now getting a rebuild and SA getting a $700m re-furb. The opposition is screaming 'schools and hospitals' like Grandpa Simpson yelling at a cloud, and it seems to have had an effect, with the budget being slashed from $2.5bn to $1.5bn.

Allegedly the SFS is to be knocked down towards the end of the year. I work in education, and the company I partner with works with a few NRL clubs - I was told by someone at a club earlier this year that they were told by the NSW Police that the SFS would not get a new safety certificate when its current one expires. So I suppose that's why the trust is so adamant that they get so much cash for a new stadium.

This just seems to be a massive shouting match between the SCG Trust and the NRL, who would be the primary tenants. The new renders of what the $700m renovation of SA looks like today really makes me wonder if it's going to be $700m well spent at all, with really just minor changes to the gradient of the lower deck (images courtesy of user Quidgybo on LU):

Existing layout:


New layout:


New layout with seating:


These options just seem... not great? I would honestly not be surprised if this is still the trust, playing a very long game. From the beginning of this when Baird was still premier, they wanted a 65-70k stadium to replace the SFS and become Sydney's premier venue again. If you look on LU, people are pissed about this because this is still a badly compromised stadium for rectangular field sports, and this is a once in two decades spend on stadiums in Sydney. If they bugger this up, it'll be this way for a long time. The SFS on the other hand is still getting its full knockdown and re-build, the trust have still got a few months to convince Macquarie street to build it at a higher capacity and I reckon this is exactly what they've been angling for.

Bloody Victorians.

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Re: Sydney's new stadiums and unicorns.

Postby Boba Fett » Mon Apr 09, 2018 3:28 pm

I'm still waiting to hear ANYONE justify replacing a 44k capacity stadium with one exactly the same, despite the average crowd figure being less than half that. I don't understand why journalists don't ask this sort of question to the Premier/Sports Minister/SCG Trust...

Should be 20-25k. A really high quality boutique stadium around this capacity would be fantastic. Something like the new Banc of California in Los Angeles would be perfect!

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